Daily Reflection and Prayer Meditation Resources

Stillspeaking Daily Devotional
Start your day off with this resource from the United Church of Christ.
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Inward Outward
This project of The Church of the Saviour offers three different resources. Sign up to receive Daily Words – borrowed wisdom to educate, inspire, and stir the imagination (Mon – Friday).

3-Minute Retreat
Loyola Press’s 3-Minute Retreat is available in different forms. Each day, a new retreat features soothing music, Scripture verses, and reflective thoughts and questions. Meaningful time with God is always just a touch away.

Daily Meditation & Reflection from Henri Nouwen
Drawn from a wide range of Henri Nouwen’s writing, these short meditations inspire and guide people’s mind and heart. Each reflection takes less than a minute to read and yet can set the tone for the day. It is sent via email in the early morning. Sign up on the website to receive Bread for the Journey.

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditations
These devotions explore the contemplative foundations of Christianity “From the Bottom Up.” Drawing from his own Franciscan heritage and other wisdom streams, Fr. Richard reframes neglected or misunderstood teachings to reveal the basic pattern of reality: God as loving relationship. Sign up to receive daily email.

The daily devotional site was launched in response to the attacks of September 11. The primary goal has been to provide inspirational and relevant reflections on scripture for young people. Passport is a student ministry organization focused on creating meaningful experiences and resources for students.

God Pauses
God Pause e-mail devotions are short, meaningful reflections on the following Sunday’s lessons and gospel delivered directly to your e-mail box. By Sunday, you’ll be ready for an extra meaningful worship experience.

Upper Room Daily Reflections
Each Daily Reflection includes a quote from an Upper Room book or magazine, scripture reading, and a meditation time with prayer. Sign-up at the website to received Daily Reflections.