Ivanhoe Church celebrates 180 years

On February 20, 2018, Ivanhoe Church celebrated our 180th anniversary as a community of God through Christ. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to securing and enriching God’s reign here in Lake County, Illinois. Some of the best examples of that dedication are the men who led our congregation as Pastor. For the first few years, the circuit riders probably held their horses closer than family. Our first long-term pastor was Rev. Joseph H. Payne, son of founder Mercy Payne. For twelve years, he not only preached but became the official Church Clerk. After our present-day Sanctuary was built in 1856, the Rev. Calvin C. Adams also served both positions for ten years. The Reverends. A.K. Fox and Gilbert Shull were also multi-year pastors, but then our Church had a new pastor every couple of years until the Rev. Arthur Jevne was called in 1923. His tenure began an extraordinary experience that continues today with our Rev. Dr. Hewitt – Ivanhoe Congregational Church, UCC will have had only four pastors for almost 100 years! Now that’s dedication.