Open doors at Ivanhoe Church

In mid-October, we placed our GOD’S DOORS ARE OPEN TO ALL display on our front lawn. This project was an outcome of two church leadership meetings on LGBTQ issues held earlier this year, where it was agreed that we should have an outward display, much like the panel of 6 rainbow colored doors that many Open and Affirming UCC churches use (see below).

Expanding on that, one individual suggested that if the statement we wish to make is that God’s doors are open, then let’s show open doors, not an array of closed doors. Thus, the design we used was born!

We like the clear invitation open doors bring, but whatever metaphor is most appealing to you, you are welcomed by God, wherever you are in your faith journey. If you would like to learn more about Ivanhoe’s welcome, you may find our About Us page interesting.